My Crafty Challenge Begins with License Plates

License Plate Garden Art

I wanted to create something fun that would commemorate the big moves in our life that were marked by getting new state license plates. I wanted to use free or inexpensive materials to create something sturdy that I could hang by our backyard patio. It would be something decorative that would also serve as a great conversation starter.

Materials used:

From my stash: 10 license plates, heavy gauge wire, leftover paint, one long bolt with wing nut

Found item: one hubcap found on the side of the road

Purchased item: one metal star, about $5

Tools: wire cutter, pliers, paintbrush

tools and materials

Tools and materials

How I Did It:

I arranged the license plates to fit the existing holes or spaces in the hubcap. This particular hubcap happened to have holes that lined up perfectly with the holes that were already in the plates, so no additional holes were needed. I threaded pieces of wire from the back to the front, tying it off with little curls to hold the plates snugly in place.

Backside of the hubcap

Backside of the hubcap showing how the wire was threaded through the holes.

closeup of wire attachments

Closeup of the curls I made at the end of the wire to hold the plates in place.

The hubcap had a Buick Logo in the center, which I popped out with a screwdriver. I used a long bolt with a wing nut to attach the metal star to the center of the hubcap. I used the leftover red paint to add some color to the edges of the star and the inner part of the hubcap that was exposed.

closeup of star

I added a loop of wire on the back for hanging and, voila, my license plate keepsakes were now decorating the garden of our new home. I used 90% reclaimed or stashed materials and only spent about $5.

finished license plate wheel

The finished license plate wheel